I never claimed to be a good man.

Eddie Mazzaro, laid off by the factory he’d worked at since he was a teen, enlists his brother to do the only other thing he’s ever been good at: Causing trouble. But their string of robberies catches the eye of someone who’ll stop at nothing to find her lost sister.

Blackmailed into tracking down the only man who knows the sister’s location, Eddie must unravel the mystery of the lost woman and protect his family from debt, from the police, and from worst of all—the truth.

Everyone has their fantasies, but Remy Depoy had the privilege of living through one. When his son asks him to relate one of his memories, Remy picks the time when he was on the cusp of becoming a man. Against all odds, he was thrust into an adventure the likes of which he had never seen, facing all manner of odd creatures until he finally learned what it meant to grow up.

By Nace Phlaux, writer of Coincidence, Becoming a Man is a short story set within the Tellest universe.

Backlit is a small collection of poetry by Nace Phlaux.

All proceeds received from Backlit will be donated to the Planned Parenthood of South, East and North Florida.