Kikoo84 (9:13:28 PM): hey

Me (9:13:47 PM): hey. god, i’m bored. i wish someone would give me an IQ test to take.

Kikoo84 (9:13:58 PM): hey there whats up??

Me (9:14:12 PM): timmy fell down a well
Me (9:14:19 PM): lassie jumped down after him

Kikoo84 (9:14:23 PM): oh cooI! l just got done taking a bath l feeI soooo good. hey you bored?

Me (9:14:32 PM): we thought she’d drag him out
Me (9:14:38 PM): she just humped the shit outta him

Kikoo84 (9:14:42 PM): welI im thinking about getting on my webcam if you wanna watch? im reaI hornyyyyyy. IoI

Me (9:14:43 PM): shit was cash

Kikoo84 (9:14:54 PM): ok is Iinked through this site so l can make sure kids dont watch me cause l can get a lIttIe crazy IoI. k?

Me (9:15:21 PM): yeah? you ever put the cam under a glass table and squat on top of it?

Kikoo84 (9:15:32 PM): mk sweety here ~~> when the page loads click the accept invite picture/button thingy

Me (9:15:47 PM): or piss on a midget while shouting “you dirty, frenchman! you filthy worthless frenchman!”?

Kikoo84 (9:15:57 PM): its gonna ask for a credit crd but no worries its just to verify your age it dosent cost anything. ok?

Me (9:16:04 PM): or fist puppets?

Kikoo84 (9:16:14 PM): ok let me know when you get in and ill give you my username.

Me (9:16:24 PM): or kill a man?
Me (9:16:30 PM): just to watch him bleed?

Kikoo84 (9:16:35 PM): kk.

Me (9:16:35 PM): especially to watch him bleed…

Kikoo84 (9:16:46 PM): you in yet?

Me (9:16:55 PM): elbow deep into his sternum

Kikoo84 (9:17:05 PM): k when you are logged in search for angelnery then hit view cam. hurry up im waiting :-X

Me (9:17:17 PM): eww…he ate chicken nuggets before i cut him
Me (9:17:29 PM): this one’s not even digested

Me (9:17:39 PM): still tastes alright
Me (9:17:43 PM): you there?