I’m sure many of Conjure One’s fans transitioned to the project from Rhys Fulber’s better known musical outlet Frontline Assembly. I, however, got turned onto it by the inclusion of Poe, one of my favorite vocalists, who sang on a number of tracks for the 2002 self-titled release and 2005’s “Extraordinary Ways.”

As a casual listener, I ran through this album as I’ve done with the previous two: The first one or two tracks entrance me, followed by my fast decline into boredom until I finally skip to another artist.  This isn’t so much a reflection of Conjure One as it is on my inability to appreciate softer, Top 40-ish releases.  Unfortunately, “Exilarch” differs in that it sounds (it’s not the right word, but it’s the one that comes to mind) cheap.  The instruments/samples chosen seem like they were arranged in Fruity Loops, using nothing but the prepackaged presets.

I think this is a decent release for those interested in Top 40 with an electronic edge, especially if you like the Middle Eastern influence Conjure One has always been known for.  But audiophiles might not be able to stomach the poor quality of the guitars and basses.