• The first draft of Coincidence: A Novel is complete.  90,041 words, 153 pages.
  • The draft has been sent out to four people who volunteered as beta readers.
  • Two versions have been formatted and are ready to be submitted:  The Amazon Kindle version (more on Kindle formatting in the next post) and the Smashwords format.

Should the beta readers come back with suggestions / errors that need to be addressed, I’ll adjust one of the formatted files with Track Changes on and repeat the same on the other file.  Or I’ll use Word’s Compare function.  Neither are the most efficient option, but the formatting (and reading the How To’s, site requirements, yada yada) kept me busy while waiting for the beta readers.

  • Got a bit of feedback from the one beta reader I expect the harshest criticism from, saying he likes the dialogue so far.  Took it as sarcasm at first.  Does anyone really believe they’re good at dialogue? 
  • The Facebook page is relatively setup and ready.

“The more you suck, the more you bleed.” – Puscifer’s “Telling Ghosts”