Meet Maurice Ashley, the first black chess grandmaster

Ismail Akwei | Face2Face Africa

“In commemoration of Black History Month, we shine a light on one trailblazer each day and today, we honour the first black chess grandmaster Maurice Ashley.

Maurice Ashley is a Jamaican American author, chess commentator, app designer, puzzle inventor, and motivational speaker who earned the Chess Grandmaster title in 1999. This made him the world’s first black Grandmaster.”

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Mall shoppers read raw, anonymous stories

Robert Wang |

“Shoppers who went to the Belden Village Mall on Saturday to browse through stores’ wares also found themselves reading the anonymous, handwritten, many poignant and apparently genuine, stories submitted by dozens of strangers they likely will never meet.

Brandon Doman, 31, of Brooklyn, N.Y., brought his The Strangers Project to Stark County for the first time as part of a two-week exhibition that began Saturday and will last through Feb. 15.”

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Wick Poetry Center brings healing

Bob Gaetjiens | Record Courier

“Some of the UH Portage Medical Center patients who have participated in workshops with Wick Poetry Center have experienced strokes, Parkinson’s Disease, and cancer, while others are receiving palliative or hospice care.

Hassler said the medical staff works to heal patients’ physical selves. Sharing poetry helps heal patients psychologically.”

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