Okay. I’m in Olympia. Now what? What am I supposed to look for? Give me a sign, damnit.
Washington’s great. If the cops ever find the bodies, I’m hiding out here. Everyone’s friendly. Seems familiar. Imagine Pennsylvania if everyone smoked alot of pot. Happy and helpful and really fucking slow on the freeway! er…yes.

I’m starting to get homesick. No, I’m starting to get bored. And I loathe being bored. I hate admitting I’m bored even more. The trip just isn’t as fun without a companion. I’m seeing Abie in 2 days, but that’s 2 days of…? At least I have a mission: Find out why I’m here.

When I was leaving Spokane this morning, I was tempted to travel northwest instead of southwest. Doubt…well, anyone is up there. But I was curious to see what’s so worthwhile about the area.

Yes, it’s like a nicer Pennsylvania. The people are friendly; the trees are taller; there’s more natural beauty. What am I trying to say here…I understand the whys. I don’t think that’s an excuse though. But like I always say, there are two kinds of good people: The kind who see the beauty of this world and want to preserve it. And the kind who see the shit of this world and want to eliminate it. This beauty on the west coast needs to be preserved while the shit of the east has to be fixed. Do what you gotta do. My path continues in Levittown though. At least for now.