I can feel Pennsylvania. It resonates and calls for my return. The air gets heavier as I drive closer. The strands of energy streaming through the air glow brighter and thicker. Hairs standing on end. Chills running from my lower back up, down my arms, through my veins, into my face.
Je veux une fille qui suce son pouce quand elle vient.
Je veux une fille qui puisse sucer le chrome.

This July will be interesting. 13th through the 18th. The annual 7/14 – 7/16 celebration will be insane. Insane, I tell you. Speaking of which…

“i don’t think i can let you be as much of a part of my life as i want to.
forgive me and my goddamn mission, whatever the hell it is.”

Oh, the fucking irony.

We’re all born as pure Id. Pure instinct. As we grow, we learn how to deal with the world around us, but we grow this sense of Ego and SuperEgo that cloud our judgements. But my theory is that to grow as a human, as a community, as a race we must return to zero–incorporating what we’ve learned with the original instincts to form something better.

Hmm…party July 15 (Friday)?

Manic. So manic.