From Industrial Lyrics:

Industrial Lyrics : You used to write for Industrial Nation magazine, Do you have any unforgettable stories, Interviews, reviews, or experiences?

Tom [Shear of Assemblage 23] : I was just a reviewer, so there really isn’t much exciting to report there. One story that’s kind of funny I suppose was in regards to a demo I got from some band from L.A. I generally tried to be positive with my reviews because I really do think that there is probably an audience for just about any band out there, so just because I didn’t like it, didn’t necessarily mean it was bad. But occasionally, I’d get something so bad… so mind-bendingly awful, that I just couldn’t find anything good to say about it. In those cases, I would just not review it. So I got this one tape from an L.A. band that was barely even a demo it was so unprofessional… It wasn’t even recorded properly… The band basically just put a mic in the middle of the room and played their songs. They didn’t even stop the tape in between songs… so there was all this ‘blank’ space in between tracks with them drinking beer and screwing around. I listened to it and decided, “This is the worst demo I have ever heard… If they can’t even send a proper demo, I’m not even going to bother reviewing it. These guys will never go anywhere.” Well, that band turned out to be Korn. And now you know why I am not an A & R rep.