1July 9th-05

Dear Dottie
I hope you receive this letter
I hope you + Nacie are well.

I don’t live in that trailer
anymore, I had trouble with the
neigbors, so I told them Im leaving,
he gave me some money back. $700.00
I now live at Normans in
a old motor home. I have called
your that number often, no answer.
You and I could fix it up and
go on a trip to Canada or somewhere.
With no answer I was scared for you.
Excuse the writing etc. I don’t
have any glasses, they broke.

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page 2
I will love you and Nace, I would
like to see him, but not smart.

I’ll try and be brief.
Remember somebody once told me this
is not what you think it is?
I did not fall for it.
Remember I thought I was being
followed over the country, USA
that is. for 10 yrs
Many fighter jets, FBI, army cars,
one day. All no good. You know
I call it the case. I don’t lie
I was not sure of what is going
on. I am now certain.
You heard me tell you, I was
offered a job in N.J.

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page 3
$1,500.00 a week, a house or apt.
paid. 500.00 a week left at a
restaurant. and use of mer car
I did not accept the job then.
All over the U.S.A. whenever I
pulled into a truck stop men would
get out of their trukc, spread their
rugs out and pray and look at
me. I was being used by our
government I think, I don’t like
it. It is now time for another
t.d.u. type of action. free lance.
If you know anything please tell me.
If you are still alive, I hope you
are, maybe we can get together.

I’m broke, lik my glasses

page 4
Remember this letter.
If the worst should happen
I want Nace to sue the government
we should draw a will, think about it.

My glasses are broke and so am
I. I want you to loan me some money. If I was left anything I
need some, to get a apt, ant

pay some bills. So I repeat it is
time for action. you know me

Call this no if you can help
me money wise. [number removed]
If not call anyway please.
Love George S.

See back

We need the free press. Soon.
Maybe we can fix this
old camper up and go on
the trip we should have
gone on. We can party every
time it breaks down. And
party in every town while its
being repaired and go on

The Gov was introducing
me to the army that is
here, not ours.

I was not supposed to know
we will see.

Tear up after reading.