“We gather here tonight, beholden to no god, no fate, but only our memories, our love, and ourselves.

Tonight we take back that which has always been ours but which we forgot, and we make a promise to ourselves and each other to never forget again.

We each invest this bar with a part of ourselves and make it the embodiment of long nights past.

For our friendship
For the first one to arrive
And the last one to show up
For the one who came out of nowhere
And the one planted in tradition and hoping to pass it on
For the solitary
And those happily stuck with each other
For the ones who are gone and never coming back
And those who refuse to forget them

The building is empty, and so’s the booze. Everything that matters we take with us, either in our hearts, hands or hollow legs. Fuck anyone who doesn’t like it. Fuck anyone who doesn’t understand.

And the last one out always turns off the light.”