I received a Kindle Fire from the future wife for Christmas, and the geek in me just loves it. I’m not usually an early adopter, not to mention this is far beyond our holiday spending limit, but…meh. However, due to the price, I’ve been trying to find (free) apps to justify the expense. I found Inkpad and…well, Angry Birds. As far as writing apps are concerned, there aren’t many options, even in the less-than-free options. Inkpad should cover me nicely should inspiration strike randomly.

What I’m looking forward to, though, is reading. There are a number of classics available in an epub format that I just couldn’t force myself to purchase in print. I already picked up a copy of Machievelli’s “The Prince,” for instance.

I foresee this as being a good social networking tool as well. Normally, I just can’t get into sitting at the computer and doing the “face time” thing. After 8 hours staring at a monitor followed by however many working on my projects, I just find it difficult to banter with someone on, say, Twitter.

We’ll see how things go, and I hope more apps become available. Suggestions are welcome, as are any anecdotes of how to make this a productive purchase.

Update: Posting through the Tumblr website is nearly impossible, but there’s a great app for that. The app has a number of poor reviews, but that seems to be because it has issues liking/reposting posts. As I don’t do either, I’m not concerned.