The last time I left Kutztown, I packed all my stuff into my car haphazardly and drove off down Rt. 222. I stopped in Trexlertown to visit Bri, Jess, and Tyler but only Bri was home. He was hanging out with his old friend Rob who just got out of jail.
“You want to stick around for a bit?” Brian said. “I don’t know when Jess is getting back.”
“Nah. Can’t. If I don’t get out of this area now, I never will.”

That was the last time I saw them in that apartment. Tyler moved in with friends somewhere in Allentown, and Jess and Bri moved to Maryland then Florida. I saw Rob again when he, Jess, Bri, and I met up to go to Dorney Park.

I took backroads on my way to Levittown and, as I entered Quakertown, called [name removed to protect the innocent] to see if she was home. She was…and sloppy drunk. But she said it’d be okay to stop by. I wound up staying the night. In the morning, she had to meet up with a relative so I continued on to Levittown.

I wasn’t sure if I was ever coming back to Kutztown at that point. As it turns out, I tried. But Levittown wasn’t done with me and wound up dragging me back. This town, however, seems more than ready to let me go.

I’ve used up its resources. I stayed for a night and wound up taking over the couch for months. I ate all its food, used all its dishes, and finished off all the hot water before it could take a shower. Time to move onto the next town.