The Details

After being missing for seven years, Prairie Johnson returns. The twist? She went missing blind but can now see. Unable to talk to the FBI or her family, she gathers five individuals to tell them her backstory and what happened to her during her mysterious disappearance. For full disclosure: this is only based on the first (of eight) episodes available on Netflix.

The Good

The premise reeks of tropes, but that’s half the fun, right? Blind girl comes back with her vision. Some bizarre need to gather a group of people to speak with / coerce into action. It’s familiar and intriguing and promises a ride you’ve enjoyed before and should enjoy again. The acting? Fairly good. The cast? Great. I mean, Scott Wilson. Herschel himself. ‘Nuff said, right?

The Bad

Sweet Jeebus is the writing bad. So Prairie’s been missing seven years and is found after jumping off a bridge, but hey, sure, let’s just send her home with her parents. The FBI will catch up with her later. NBD lol j/k. There’s a layer of paparazzi around the house when they arrive, but reporters just disappear after a few minutes when the story doesn’t pan out, right? GRATUITOUS HIGH SCHOOLER SEX. And we’re watching this weirdo because she may be nuts fragile, but she has the time and freedom to meet up the local drug dealer and pretend to be his stepmother to his teacher? Sure.

The Judgement Call

No. Nah. Naw. Oh hellz no. Even a horribly underused Scott Wilson can’t save this train wreck. The actors work with what they’ve got, but the material they’re given is a pretentious high school student’s messy first draft. The story immediately dropkicks the viewer right out of their suspension of disbelief and then tries to convince them to stay on for the ride. No, thanks, Batmanglij. We’re good.

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