Wow, am I ever getting sick of the people I follow.  I was about to say “sick of Twitter,” but that’s definitely not true.  I have five accounts that I consistently read (and even sometimes update).  Yes, I originally hated Twitter, but I’ve learned it has some phenomenal advantages for brands over Facebook.  And let’s be honest:  At this point, those two really are the only social networks worth mentioning.  This could change at any moment, of course, but it’s true now.  This minute.  This second.  Anything beyond is just a guess.

The writing account (@acoincidence) was originally the account I rushed to read, and with only 60 accounts followed, it doesn’t seem like it should cause any problems.  But when I was rushing to read it, there were only about 20 accounts followed.  So let’s do some clean-up.  Together.  Won’t you join me, friend?

90% or more of your posts about your new novel?  Gone.
100% of your crap either mundane aphorisms or how-tos on using Facebook?  Gone.  Moron.
Feel the need to “welcome” every new freakin’ follower you get?  Adios.

Actually, you know what?  Fuck it.  I’m already bored with analyzing the latest tweets to judge whether I should continue following people.  I’m simply wiping out anyone I’ve added from Pennsylvania.  Social media algorithms haven’t figured it out yet, but decent connections with people need more than one shared attribute.  Sometimes I get impatient and cast out a wide net to see what entertainment I can find.  And obviously, that can be a complete waste of time.  Sometimes.

You know what’s a better way of connecting with people?  By being awesome.  Mur Lafferty (@mightymur), Matt Wallace (@MattFnWallace), and Mignon Fogarty (@GrammarGirl) have blogs, appear on podcasts, release digital writings, etc.  But their Twitter accounts keep up a nice balance of humanity and advertisements.  The reason I enjoy their tweets is most likely dependent on the fact that I enjoy them as “people” (re: the personae they present in their media).  The tweets come second.

I’m down to 17 accounts now.  I’d like to get that back to 60+, but it has to be 60+ worthwhile people.  I gain nothing from wasting my time on aphorisms or how-tos on noun-verb agreement.  I know my basic English.  I went to school for that shit, thank you very much.  You know what’ll make me a better writer?  Not reading your tweets.  Not reading your guest-blogs on blahblahfuckityblah.  I’ll be a better writer by writing and only writing.  So stop wasting my time.