Just a quick Kindle Fire update: I’ve recently replaced my original note app OneNote. While it had the simplistic design I thought I wanted, it didn’t have the organization I needed. ColorNote, again, is rather simple but has a color-coded system that I find subtly motivates me to keep some kind of order to my random thoughts. Also, it’s free in Amazon’s Android app store. And now that I think about it, there isn’t even any in-app ads. Can’t beat that.

Calendar functionality is included for those who like that sort of thing, and the app syncs up with some websites. I thought Facebook was phasing out their Notes though.

As far as the rest of the Fire goes, I’m a little upset at the latest update, so much so that I sent Amazon feedback, which is rather unlike me. It’s one thing to update security or improve network connectivity, but to rearrange the keyboard? I can learn to avoid the inconveniently placed Hide Keyboard button, but making the comma a two-step process seems like an affront to those who know how to use it.

“The time is right for a little death, for another kill, another murder” – Krypteria’s “My Fatal Kiss”