I got back Monday night from my wedding cruise, and I’m still recovering from the adjustment to “reality” (a word in the English language that always deserves quotation marks).  A few semi-disjointed thoughts to help get me back into the groove…

The ceremony was wonderful.  The cruise itself was great as well, if a little moist for my tastes.  We received one rainless day on Roatan, Honduras, but the rest were mixed with spatters and downright deluges.  And avoid Belize.  Avoid it like the frickin’ devil.  There’s no good or entertainment to be found in that country.  Take my word for it.  Mrs. Phlaux’s already planning the next cruise, though, if that tells you cruise-virgins anything.  I feel spoiled after all the buffets, room service, and constantly flowing booze.  The idea to cruise all year, writing on the boat and publishing through Amazon whilst in port, is incredibly tempting.

I was overly optimistic with my reading/writing goals on this trip, but I still got a fair bit accomplished.  I reread A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Importance of Being Earnest and got through a decent chunk of The Prince (it’s so godawful, but I’m hellbent on finishing it…eventually). 

Project: Temperance’s first half is outlined.  I know more about the antagonist’s plans.  I’m just so unsure about the why of it all.  There are only a few asterisks in my notes requiring revisits.  The idea of following the monomyth is going well so far, and a discussion over cigars on the cruise with my brother shed some light on the Supernatural Aid phase. 

And discussions with some of my peers helped with my ideas of the 3rd voice (two of the voices are still unnamed, though I keep calling the 1st Alpha).  I’m still uneasy about it and will probably be so until I’m in the thick of things.  I guess it’s an age-old question:  How crazy do you write crazy?  I could take inspiration from my father and be completely delusional.  But a part of me wants to buck the trend in the sense that…Why does crazy need a source?  It seems so cliched to blame it on the parents, particularly the mother (re: Dead Zone), or upbringing (boohoo I got teased for my hairdo as a child so society must feel my WRATH!).  Can’t crazy just be crazy without a cause?  Isn’t there something intriguing about the unrelenting force of insanity without a cause?

Eh, I’ll figure it out eventually.  Right now it’s time to sleep before I become my own schized-out character.

“I’m just the bitch that you need to tear this whole world apart and leave ‘em crying” – Genitorturer’s “Louder”