Quick & Dirty Version

Coincidence: A Novel (ebook version) will be available for free from June 22, 2012 to June 26, 2012.  Download it.  Enjoy it.  And, more importantly, review it.

Longer Version

I planned on opting out of Amazon’s KDP Select once the original 90 days were up.  I mean, sure, it’s fun to watch your book climb the charts, wearing out the F5 button in the process.  The first weekend I tried it was awesome; the second was while the wife and I got married on the open seas, so I didn’t get to see the peaks and valleys.  The last day was my grandfather’s, aunt’s, and best friend’s birthday.  That best friend is part of the inspiration for Coincidence’s protagonist Chris Acker.  That one day was marginal.  I really think you need more than one day at a shot with the promo days, especially if you don’t have a name yet.

Something nagged at me, though.  I always enjoy tweaking and experimenting, so I figured I’d stay in KDP for one more stint and for one more experiment:  I want to blow all my promo days at once and see where it gets me.  So I figured June 22, Josh Williamson’s 21st birthday, would be as good a time as any.  Josh is, of course, the…well, a sleeper character.  I don’t want to say whether he’s a villain or hero.  He’s there.  He affects people.  And we leave him with a lot of blood on his hands, some of it his own.

I wonder where he is.  He’s not someone I want to return to for now.  I don’t think I’m a strong enough writer to do him justice (yet).  After all he’s witnessed, he’d certainly be an interesting character.  “Tormented” might be the best description.  But aren’t we all?  What makes the horror behind his eyelids any more entertaining?  Of course, I’m assuming he’s survived thus far.  We’ll see.  Levittown’s not going anywhere.  And, for now, neither is Josh Williamson.