The wife finally got sick of the bunny ears and decided we’re getting cable for the first time since moving to this apartment.  (We’ll be switching internet providers and getting a home phone for the first time in four years too.)  The package’ll be installed this weekend, and I’ve been trying to figure out what I need to catch up on.

Seeing as how we’re not getting premium channels, Game of Thrones is out of the question.  Fallen Skies sounds promising (moreso the upcoming second season).  And then there’s The Walking Dead.  The fact that friends of mine created a podcast solely to discuss this show seems like a ringing endorsement.

One problem: I don’t “get” zombies.  My brain can’t wrap around the pseudo-science of reanimating corpses.  I think I’d rather consume Xena’d entertainment (blame wizards) than sit through another jarring explanation of viruses targeting the cerebral blahblahblah.  You want to voodoo up some undead?  Bring ’em on.  Magic up an army of followers?  Magic your rump off.  But one half-assed “Well, you see, Jane, the brain stem controls base motor movements, so the recently dead are…” and my brain calls shenanigans.

I’ve read of worlds where over-population led to government promotion of homosexuality.  Mormon vampires have chewed their way through wombs.  Boy wizards have turned villains to ash with the “old magic” of love?  Fine.  But brain-eating creepy crawlies?

I just don’t get it.