I <3 Ramada Inns and their beautiful wireless internet access.
Went out for Subway and coffee with Dez and Kat. Played with puppies (so adorable!). Forgot to take pictures with the ladies. Both are wonderful, beautiful people. I’m sure many men have had their hearts broken when they discovered Dez does not love the cock. You got some beautiful eyes, dezzypoo.

Since I was running ahead of schedule, I left Tennessee early and headed to Kentucky. Slept in my car for a couple hours. Got a phonecall informing me certain individuals broke up, but I’ve heard that before. Drove around the empty streets of Cincinatti. Seems like a nice town, but I say that at 4am. Tomorrow in rush hour traffic, I might be muttering other adjectives.

Taking Sarae and Andy out to dinner tomorrow. Yay!

I hope Dez and Kat don’t think I left because of them. They and their puppies are adorable and amusing. I would’ve loved to have seen more Tennessee poetry nights with them, but I wanted to get back on the road. I think I passed three cities tonight, which means three areas of traffic if I had waited until tomorrow morning to head up here.

That’s it for now. 7 hours of sleep = good thing. Sarae tomorrow (today, really), Tom on Thursday, then putzting through the country until Portland, OR on the 25th. Good times, good times.