Saw Sarae and her boy Andy yesterday. Good times. Both are good conversationalists. Andy and I made a nice “trade” and I made a video of their bunny Killer for Abie (30 seconds of bunny nose wiggles!).
Saw Tom today. Very quiet guy, so naturally I blathered on and on and on and…Iowa City is a spiffy college town. Lots of cuties running around. Mmm…Asian Starbucks employees. And no, Tom has not turned fratboy. He’s a fellow IT nerd.

Now I officially have nothing planned until the 25th. I’m heading to Olympia, WA to see what the town has in store for me. Hopefully there’s a Ramada Inn. These motels are great. (Just checked. There’s one right in Olympia.) I’ll be passing through Wyoming. Yeah right. As if it exists. I’ll drive towards the border and suddenly find myself in Idaho, missing a couple days and pants.