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Musical Releases to Look For 02/17/17

Leitbild by Blutengel

From Wikipedia:

Leitbild is the tenth studio album from German futurepop band Blutengel. It was released as a single CD, two disc digipak with a bonus disc, and a collector’s edition box-set with the two

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01/12/11 – Psy’Aviah – Eclectric (music)

After catching samples of their work on Endzeit Bunkertracks volumes and Fxxk The Mainstream, I was excited to get the release of Psy’Aviah’s latest, titled “Eclectric.” After repeated attempts to listen to it, I have a few questions: First, when … Read the rest

11/15/10 – Punk Goes Pop 3 (album)

Although many would disagree, I’m a fan of anthologies, particularly tributes. Genre-crossing collections can be especially frustrating, though, since instead of the usual mix of great covers with bland by-the-numbers tracks, there’s also the addition of poorly translated songs. This … Read the rest

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